Bone-Marrow Derived Stem Cells Protocol for Premature Ovarian Failure – A case study with successful spontaneous pregnancy and delivery after treatment

Published in Research Square


OBJECTIVES Stem cell-based therapies are emerging enormously as a ray of hope and therapeutic
alternative for ovarian rejuvenation, regeneration and follicular development in women with impaired
ovaries mainly due to primary ovarian insufficiency or premature ovarian failures, the conditions which
cannot be improved much medically or surgically. In the modern society, the childbearing age is being
delayed by women due to profound socio-economic changes making ovarian aging a key challenge
for reproductive medicine. Based on the current scenario, the need of the hour is novel methods to restore
fertility for all cases of ovarien impairement like poor ovarian reserve or primary ovarian insufficiency. As
per the studies reported, the infusion of the whole population of human bone marrow-derived stem cells
promote ovarian local vascularization, human follicle growth, increase follicle and stromal cell
proliferation, and lead to reduction in apoptosis and atresia thereby, providing an adequate ovarian niche
for follicular rescue in patients.
MATERIAL AND METHOD Based on the previous reports, we aimed to evaluate the effects of autologous
bone marrow derived stem cell transplantation into ovary on the ovarian reserve of women with impaired
ovarian functions. We, therefore, designed a method to deliver bone marrow derived stem cells directly to
human ovaries.
RESULTS This study showed that autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell ovarian transplant led to the
improvement in ovarian reserve biomarkers and reproductive outcomes which results in more follicles
and oocytes developed after ovarian stimulation. This technique allows successful pregnancies in
women with impaired ovarian functions, however, further research is still needed as the embryo euploidy
is not modified by the stem cells therapy. Diagnostic hormonal levels improved post procedure; there was
a reduction in FSH and increase in AMH and estradiol levels.
CONCLUSIONS Stem cells are foundation cells of the body with the remarkable abilities of self-renewal
and differentiation into other cell types and this treatment bring hope to a lot of couples dealing with