Prof. Aleksandar Ljubić MD PHD
Founder and Medical Director
Džihan Abazović MD
Research Director
Dusan Maric
Prof. Dušan Marić MD PHD
Medical Advisor
Prof. Dušan Vučetić MD PHD
Blood Management and Transfusion Specialist
Prof. Tatjana Božanović MD PHD
Gynecology Specialist
Prof. Danilo Vojvodić MD PHD
Immunology specialist
Borivoje Karadžić MD
Surgery Specialist
Milena Pandurović MD
Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Specialist
Aleksandra Marković
Operations Coordinator
Anđela Perović MD
Medical Assistant
Deniel Pešić MD
Sports Medicine Specialist
Debora Štefik
Molecular Biology Specialist
Dr. Ana Gifing
Ana Gifing MD
Nutrition Specialist
Angelka Pešterac
Physiotherapy Specialist
Marija Antonijević
Head Nurse
Teodora Zdravković
Project Coordinator
Science BEHIND

Restoration of normal gonadal function – production of oocytes/eggs or sperm cells, necessary for reproduction and hormones, essential for the proper function of the whole body, depends on a variety of elements.

The gonads must contain adequate cells which are to be developed into eggs and sperm. These organs also produce hormones, assuming the existence of adequate control mechanisms (mostly growth factors) and the right amount of energy for these demanding processes which are controlled by very strict genetic mechanisms.

Ovarian rejuvenation technology is aimed at counteracting age-related fertility decline and its concomitant complications, as well as a decline in ovarian function caused by pathological conditions. Ovarian tissue re-implantation as a potential therapy and oocyte banking for anticipated gamete exhaustion has been proposed in such cases.

SEGOVA is completely autologous, organic program that avoids chemicals and medicaments. During the program, we create a personalized nutrition and physical activity program for patients aimed at supporting gonads in creating the elements necessary to produce new egg cells and the proper function of the existing endocrine-hormone producing cells.


The SEGOVA program is performed at a private hospital BioCell Hospital in Belgrade, Serbia.

Please note that we organise a transfer from the airport to your selected accommodation for your convenience.