Patent SEGOVA®

Our team respect and recognize the importance of intellectual property protection – in this regard, we are proud that SEGOVA® has become a registered brand-name internationally. Following our principles, we went a step further and filed a patent application for our SEGOVA® procedure. For an invention to be a protected patent, the inventor or rightsholder must file an application containing a clear and sufficiently detailed description of the invention, accompanied by adequate documentation. The invention, in addition to being necessary new and to have an inventive impact, must be technically feasible and must function.

Behind the SEGOVA® team, there are more than five years of work experience and measurable results shown by our internally conducted research on the quality of life and the improvement of medical parameters that were the reason for the procedure. Our SEGOVA® team submitted this year in Serbia patent application RS P-2020/1329. In this way, SEGOVA® has risen to a higher level of credibility.