Egg donation alternative

Oocyte (egg) donation is assisted reproductive method performed to help achieve pregnancy in women with the following issues:

  • advanced maternal age
  • premature ovarian failure
  • chromosomal abnormalities 
  • ovaries are not producing enough of good-quality eggs
  • ovaries have been removed or have been damaged by radiation or chemotherapy

From a personal standpoint, utilizing donor oocytes from other women means you carry the fathers’ genes in your offspring but not your genetic material.

Introducing SEGOVA ovarian Rejuvenation

New therapies such as SEGOVA are being developed for women to whom the reproductive medicine previously could only offer donor eggs and for couples who wish their own genetically native child.

SEGOVA ovarian rejuvenation is a program designed to help boost the ovaries to restore proper folliculogenesis and contribute with the sources of signaling molecules in the ovaries to achieve an adequate environment for oocyte development.

SEGOVA is a group of methods based on biological therapy using autologous, natural, safe sources that can help retrieve the impaired ovarian function and balance hormone production in hormone-secreting cells. It provides benefit by restoring the endocrine homeostasis and boosting the local ovarian environment to help obtain good quality oocytes and successful reproductive outcomes.


The sample of 93 patients aged 31 to 60 years (average age of 46,64 years) with diagnosis of infertility have completed SEGOVA ovarian rejuvenation and participated in a two year monitoring.

Percentage of women with presence of a follicle out of total number of patients.

Percentage out of total number of follicle positive patients (24,73% out of total number of patients ).

Percentage out of total number of oocyte positive patients (20,43% out of total number of patients).

Percentage out of total number of patients who had embryos (12,9% out of total number of patients) 25 embryos vitrified 36 embryos transferred.

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About us

Professor Aleksandar Ljubić (pictured), MD PhD is the President of Forever Young Holding – international biotech holding dedicated to use and development of cutting edge biotechnology products and services with the aim to increase overall health, human longevity and quality of life.

He is a pioneer in invasive ultrasound guided fetal procedures, direct maturation of fetal lungs, inventor of method of prenatal hearing screening (PHS) (Sovilj-Ljubic), non-surgical fibroids treatment, and advanced NOTES laparoscopic procedures.

His main research areas are biotechnology in reproductive and perinatal medicine, assisted reproduction and minimally invasive reproductive surgery.

He has authored autologous in vitro genetic ovarian activation and is the author of the SEGOVA ovarian rejuvenation method.
He was awarded a number of national and international recognitions and awards: First investigator Award (USA), Belgrade Science Award (Serbia), Sir William Lilley Award (WAPM).

Professor Ljubić was editor and co-editor in several scientific magazines, was President of the World Congress of perinatal medicine in 2017. He was the principal investigator in 11 scientific projects, published almost 500 publications – In peer-reviewed magazines – 62, with Citation index – 400.

Prof. Dr. Ljubić is a full professor at the DIU and visiting professor at Weill Cornell Medical School, USA. He was educated at Belgrade University with postgraduate education in the USA, Japan and Greece. For more than 25 years, he worked at the Medical School, University of Belgrade, Clinic for Obstetrics & Gynecology and Clinical Center of Serbia as a professor and a Head of Clinic.

Professor Ljubić is also a Deputy Secretary-General of World Association for Perinatal Medicine, Board member of the Fetus as a patient society and Associate member of International Academy of Perinatal Medicine.

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