The age of the oldest patient who underwent our program is 58 years old.

The age of our oldest patient that got pregnant is 58 years old. (after one of the additional programs that we offer).

The SEGOVA program is performed in Serbia in several private hospitals in Belgrade, Serbia.

Yes, all of our staff (doctors, nurses and administration) are English speaking. Upon request, we can also provide simultaneous translators in Frech, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic and Russian languages.

At least about two weeks ahead. That is the optimal time for all the preparatory analysis to be done and for contract and payment to be made.

No, the SEGOVA program can be done throughout the complete cycle.

Please view the complete list of required tests here (link to download PDF)

All of the required tests can be done at our clinics several days prior to the procedures. However, if you choose to do the test with us you should plan to arrive a few days earlier to Serbia.

Yes, the positive results could imply the existence of a certain condition which must be treated prior to the SEGOVA program.

The SEGOVA NG program spans a duration of 2 to 3 days. Before your admission to the hospital, you will have scheduled appointments with our nutritionist and physiotherapist for a personalized regimen of nutrition and exercises. Either on the same day or the day after, you will be admitted to the hospital. The procedure is conducted on the following day. Typically, discharge from our hospital occurs on the third day of the program, in the late afternoon.

SEGOVA program includes:

  • Hospital stay (apartment, medication, anaesthesia etc.)
  • The follow up program (monitoring from the doctors from our team for the next 2 years)
  • Individualized nutritional plan and supplement intake for at least 6 to 12 months.

We measure the before and after results based on the endocrine status, follicle growth, egg cell retrieval, etc. The basis of our follow up program is that we ask our patients to perform sex hormone analysis and an ultrasound scan of their ovaries monthly and tailor our follow up program and next steps according to their results.

First results can be seen from the 1st month after the program, and the maximum effect is observed 6 to 24 months after the program.

Yes, the contract must be signed and all payments must be made in advance, prior to your travel and check into a hospital as this is our company policy.

The rate of complications that we had after our program is lower than 1 %.