Other fertility procedures in our facility

If you are failing IVF cycles, you are the perfect candidate for us. Contact us and we will create a personalized program for you and your partner.

Below is a list of procedures our team is successfully performing for many years now.


Besides the Segova program, our team is performing very successfully specific fertility programs which you cannot find at other clinics. Below are listed some of the procedures we perform. Segova is most advanced of them and it is related to patients with many failed IVFs, early menopause and ovarian failure. Others procedures (napisati koje budu navedene dole) are specific and related to the implementation of the embryo, ……

We offer our patient to visit us and let us find the best solution for their individual case and to create a personalized program for them. This means that choosing the procedure depends on many factors such as age, hormonal status and many other analyses, previous attempts, etc.


Also, with the Segova or any other procedure, we could offer you a package of procedures tailored to you in order to get the best possible results.