Ovarian Rejuvenation Using Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma

Published in Endocrines Journal


Advanced maternal age is associated with the natural oocyte depletion, leading to low oocyte yield, high infertility treatment cancellation rates, and eventual decreases in pregnancy rates. Various innovative interventions have been introduced to improve the outcome of infertility treatment for aging patients. Numerous published data demonstrated that early follicle development was regulated by intraovarian growth factors through autocrine or paracrine mechanisms. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a plasma fraction of peripheral blood with a high concentration of platelets, has been implemented in regenerative medicine in the last decade. The plasma contains a variety of growth factors that were suggested to be able to enhance angiogenesis regeneration and the cell proliferation process. The initial report showed that an intraovarian injection of PRP improved the hormonal profile and increased the number of retrieved oocytes in patients with diminished ovarian reserve. Subsequently, several studies with larger sample sizes have reported that this approach resulted in several healthy live births with no apparent complications. However, the use of ovarian PRP treatment needs to be fully investigated, because no randomized controlled trial has yet been performed to confirm its efficacy.

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