Prof dr Aleksandar Ljubić in the show “Zdravo misli” speaking about biological therapies in reproductive medicine

Prof. Dr Aleksandar Ljubić, was a guest on the show “Zdravo misli” with Dr Katarina Bajec. He spoke about biological therapies to treat or prevent diseases.


The Professor mentioned that these therapies had been used for many years. However, today it is being invested in them more than ever—also, in the development of technology applied in biological therapies, the so-called biotechnology.

“The invention of the vaccine against COVID-19 is also a type of biological therapy,” the Professor emphasized.

Biological therapies involve the use of stem cells, as well as the use of modified cells that we take from the body; after collection, we return them where is necessary.

Biological therapies in reproduction can be applied in all stages of conception. These therapies have their application in the development of the cell from which the baby will develop later.

These therapies include changing the conditions the egg is developing in. These therapies can be used also for affecting the ovulation, fertilization of the egg cell, development of the embryo, as well as the placement of the embryo in the uterus. Our procedures help in all the steps mentioned. Also, it is crucial to note that these therapies work at the same time on egg quality and egg quantity improvement.

Vaginal deliveries are associated with pelvic floor injuries, which later lead to problems such as vaginal contractions, bladder problems, and painful intercourse. All those complications can also be treated with these therapies. We treat them by injecting growth factors in combination with stem cells into the pelvic floor to prevent poor healing.

Biological therapies could also be applied as a treatment for menopause and ovarian failure due to age, various diseases or immune disorders. As a result, we have a return of ovarian function and menopausal pregnancy.

“The average age of patients who come to me for fertility treatment is 47,” said Professor Ljubić. He added that each patient receives an individual approach to its problem and that most therapies require some time to see the result.

Fetal disorders also can be treated with stem cells. The birth of a baby could be supported by biological therapy. This includes coating the baby with maternal vaginal secretions in case of the Caesarean Section delivery. This is performed in order to prevent later immune diseases related to babies not passing through the vaginal birth canal.

The Professor announced and invited all interested people to the SEEBRA online congress of regenerative medicine, which will be held on 10th and 11th of December. Famous experts from all over the world will participate in the congress.


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